Sweat Deck First Edition

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Double-sided cards include 53 intense workouts + the option to create your own custom workout.

*exercise equipment not included

We created a deck of workouts for the person looking to get back in the gym and have a plan for success! Put your fitness to the test and take on over 50 full-body workouts with complimentary workout finishers. Cards are color coded based on time and level of difficulty to help you be as efficient as possible.

The Sweat Deck First Edition makes fitness fun! Pull a card and go! Work your way through the deck with a warm up or a full blown workout. Too many times people walk into the gym and don’t know where to get started. Sweat Deck is designed to help you program your workout for fast effective fitness.

Mix and match cards to create a workout routine based on your fitness level and goals. These exercise cards are an amazing addition to any home gym with minimal gym equipment needed. We offer a substitution card that shows you what exercise to perform if you don't have a particular type of gym equipment so you'll always have a backup plan.

 Will you play your cards right or will you fold?

 Product dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 inches