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53 all new workouts that you can perform at home! With minimal equipment required these workouts are built with you in mind!

The Sweat Deck Home Edition includes full body, lower and upper body workouts that are scaled for time and difficulty. Bodyweight, dumbbell and kettlebells are required in order to perform all workouts as written. These workouts range from standard circuit training to HIIT and weightlifting.

So what's the difference between the Home Edition and the First Edition?
The first edition is perfect for the gym where all equipment is available where as the home edition is designed for the person who has a pair of dumbbells and wants to workout from home or their garage. 

The Sweat Deck Home Edition makes fitness fun! Pull a card and go! Work your way through the deck with a warm up or a full blown workout. The gym can be intimidating and often times we don't know where to start when we get there. Sweat Deck is designed to help you program your workout for fast effective fitness in the place you're most comfortable.

Mix and match cards to create a workout routine based on your fitness level and goals. These exercise cards are an amazing addition to any home gym with minimal gym equipment needed.

Will you play your cards right or will you fold?

 Product dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 inches